Santa Croce pilgrimage church

This pilgimage site is well-frequented by a large number of pilgrims from all over.

The pilgrimage church of Santa Croce is located at 2,045 m asl at the foot of the impressive Santa Croce mountain massif, above the locality of Oies. This sanctuary has been built in 1484 and has been hallowed by the bishop of Bressanone.

However, savants presume that the Santa Croce church has once been a pagan cult site, dating back to the time when Alta Badia has been sparsely populated. Other documents state that in 1584 a priest dedided to read at least six masses per year in this church. A document from 1649 states that from the feast day of Santa Croce on June 6 to the feast day of Saint Francis, celebrated on October 4, the Friday Mass used to be in this church. In this document the name of the hospice is mentioned for the first time.

Inside the pilgrimage church, still today there is an altar in which numerous relicts are are kept. The steeple, which has been constructed in the 17th century, features 3 big bells.

However, the pilgrims’ path which leads to the sanctuary is very popular, not only with inhabitants.

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