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BelaVal Apartments

Our ambition is to offer you the perfect apartment for your Holiday in Val Badia.

What do you prefer?

To be in the centre of Alta Badia, attached to the ski-slopes, close to shops, restaurants - pizzerie, lounge bar and many other attractive diversions amidst the glamorous and yet quite mountain life?
Or are you dreaming about a quite oasis where just the crow of the cock and the first sunray will dare to awake you?We’ll offer you a suitable apartment!

Our apartments have different sizes and are of different categories. They are situated in various villages of Val Badia / Alta Badia and are comfortably furnished for your Holiday.

Style, equipment, facilities, level of comfort and location variate from house to house. Just let us know which are your wishes and needs and we’ll make you a suitable offer.

BelaVal Apartments
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