Adrenaline Xtreme Adventure

The zip line of San Vigilio di Marebbe close to Alta Badia provides an explosion of adrenaline.

The zip line “Adrenaline Adventures” in San Viglio di Marebbe, which is located close to Alta Badia, is the first of its kind throughout Europe. This leisure time facilitiy was established in 2008 and makes you push the envelope. “Explosion of adrenaline”, that’s the slogan of this facility and this statement stands for the adventure you face, looking down on the area of the Fanes-Sennes-Braies nature park and the fabulous world of the Dolomites from a hight of up to 100 metres. On a distance of 3 km you overcome a drop of 400 m, and according to the owners, it is the steepest zip line ever.

Adrenaline is a hormone produced in the adrenal medulla. It is produced by our body in stress situations and released into the blood stream. Consequently heart frequency and blood pressure rise, bronchioles widen and energy is released as a consequence of fast fat reduction and release of glucose. Adrenaline increases body tension and prepares it for extraordinary situations. And exactly this hormone provides the special thrill you experience at the top of the zip line and exactly for this reason these kinds of leisure time activities are so popular.
The idea for the Zip Line has not raised accidentally. Already 150 years ago there were ropeways in order to make the transport of goods and people easier and in this way people were able to easily get over the terrain. The first zip line was established 30 years ago in Australia, for exactly the same reason. Groceries and other important goods were transported from one mountain to the next and soon a number of researchers were interested in the same system, as they also had to work in rough terrain.

The zip line in San Vigilio di Marebbe has been established in full respect of nature and offers adrenaline and adventures in the heart of the really impressive landscape of the Dolomites.

Opening hours:
The zip line is open from 28th of April until 28th of October 2018 from 8.30 am - 7 pm

Further information:
Adrenaline Xtreme Adventures
tel. +39 331 4188007

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  1. Hotel Dolomiti

    Hotel Dolomiti

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