Snow Sculpture Festival

Artists create fascinating pieces of art out of snow and ice

Michelangelo would have been enthusiastic about this event! Every year artists from different countries come to Val Badia on the occasion of the international snow sculpture festival. During this event artistis create very special pieces of art out of huge ice cubes. The tools the artists use to work these snow cubes are hammer, chisels and saw. The pieces of art sculptured out of snow can be admired until the end of winter season, when they start melting…

You can even observe the artists when they create their sculptures, as they work outside in the open.
In the evening the pieces of art are also illuminated, so that you can also admire the snow sculptures in your romantic evening strolls…

This festival takes place in January in San Vigilio di Marebbe in Val Badia. Other snow festivals are staged in San Candido and Val Gardena. We wish you a pleasant and cool experience!

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