Alta Badia does not only offer great mountains, but also a wide variety of cultural activities.

Inhale the fresh mountain air and experience the great outdoors! Culture and nature form one unit and cater for all tastes! Fun and action, and at the same time culture and tradition!

  1. Nature and landscape

    Nature and landscape

    Alta Badia is a paradise for those who seek relaxation in the open, both in summer…
  2. Castles


    South Tyrol offers a vast variety of castles and mansions, that is to say buildings…
  3. Sights


    Churches, chapels and antique mills - there are several sights and points of…
  4. Museums and exhibitions

    Museums and exhibitions

    The history of Ladin population and their customs and traditions are exhibited in…
  5. Tradition and culture

    Tradition and culture

    People in this valley keep cherishing customs and traditions.
  6. History of Ladinia

    History of Ladinia

    Ladin language and culture, customs and traditions, the history of the Dolomite…
  7. Pubs and entertainment

    Pubs and entertainment

    Cinema, concerts or further events… the offer regarding entertainment in Alta…