Not only rugged peaks and gentle hills characterise the landscape of Alta Badia, but also some mighty lakes.

Beautiful mountain lakes such as the one of Lagazuoi or Boé are recommended hiking destinations in summer, but also the lower regions of Alta Badia offer two lovely ponds.

A pleasant walk leads to Lake Sompunt, which becomes a natural ice rink during winter months. The Soscofes Biotope, however, is a popular recreation area near Corvara.

  1. Lake Boè

    Lake Boè

    Lake Boè, a real natural jewel, is located near the mountain station of the Boè…
  2. Lake Lagazuoi

    Lake Lagazuoi

    The Lech de Lagaciò (in Ladin) is situated at the foot of the craggy 2,650 m high…
  3. Lake Sompunt

    Lake Sompunt

    The popular Lech da Sompunt with a restaurant on its shore becomes a natural ice…
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