Lake Lagazuoi

The Lech de Lagaciò (in Ladin) is situated at the foot of the craggy 2,650 m high Mt. Cima del Lago.

The small Lago di Lagazuoi lake can be found at approx. 2,180 m a.s.l. in the protected area of the Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Park. Geographically seen, it is located on the border to the province of Belluno, at about 1 km linear distance from San Cassiano and 500 m from the Rif. Scotoni mountain hut in Badia.

The mountain lake that is rich in fish is accessible along the Dolomite High Route no. 1 and on the trail proceeding from the Capanna Alpina mountain hut to the famous Mt. Lagazuoi. The striking rock face that towers above the lake is part of the 3,000 m high Cime Fanis peaks.

The name giving Mount Lagazuoi with its still preserved wartime tunnels was setting of the so-called Mountain Warfare during WWI and is nowadays a large outdoor museum and popular destination for hikers and mountaineers alike.

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