Food and drinks

The diversified Val Badia valley offers gourmet restaurants as well as traditional Ladin dishes.

The Ladin cuisine has got its origins in the traditional local farmers’ cuisine, as in the past lives were mainly characterised by agriculture. Due to the fact that the Val Badia was quite isolated and could only be reached on foot, its inhabitants were mainly self supporters.

As far as the variety of food is concerned, there were only few products and also the preparation was rather straightforward. However, due to the lack of products, housewives had to bring creativity to bear in oder to prepare delicious meals despite of the few products.

Even if these times are up, you can still taste these simple meals in numerous restaurant in Alta Badia. In the last years gastronomy has undoubtedly deserved credits on an international level. In Alta Badia you can enjoy a wide range of offers, including pizzerias, gourmet restaurants and all your gastronomic heart can desire.

You can for example taste a barley broth with “Turtres” (sort of stuffed crullers) or “Cajinci” (stuffed pasta pockets similar to ravioli). And as desert we recommend apple strudel or “Kiachln” (kind of a doughnut).

Enjoy your meal!

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