South Tyrol offers a vast variety of castles and mansions, that is to say buildings of high cultural value: two of them are also located in the Val Badia valley and the Alta Badia.

Between the entrance of the Val Badia valley and the Alta Badia there are some historically important buildings that are worth to be visited also in a guided tour.

In San Martino in Badia the Ćiastel de Tor can be found, dating back to 1230. It was built by the attendants of the Bishops of Bressanone and houses nowadays the well-known Museum Ladin with its outpost in San Cassiano in the Alta Badia: the Museum Ladin Ursus ladinicus dedicated to the Conturines cave bear. One venerable building, however, is also located in the Alta Badia: Colz Castle in La Villa dates back to the 16th century. Today it is a popular venue for cultural events.

  1. Ciastel Colz

    Ciastel Colz

    The only castle of the Alta Badia region can be found in La Villa - the massive…

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