History of Ladinia

Ladin language and culture, customs and traditions, the history of the Dolomite valley is varied and multi-layered.

The history of the Dolomite valley is an exciting time travel. It starts with the formation of the Dolomites and reaches up to the present age, in which ancient Ladin customs and traditions are revived in order not to make them fade into obscurity and to make them part of culture also tomorrow. Come along with us on an exciting time travel across the history of this impressive Dolomite valley.

  1. Les Viles

    Les Viles

    The “viles” are the oldest and most charactersitic form of human settlement in Alta Badia
  2. Saint Giuseppe Freinademetz

    Saint Giuseppe Freinademetz

    Freinademetz dedicated his life to missionary work
  3. Ladin language and culture

    Ladin language and culture

    The inhabitants of Val Badia cherish their language, tradition and culture
  4. Ladin customs

    Ladin customs

    Traditions and festive days contibute to pass on customs and traditions
  5. The history of Val Badia

    The history of Val Badia

    From a rather isolated valley to one of the most popular holiday destination of the area
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