Ladin customs

Traditions and festive days contibute to pass on customs and traditions

Not only the language, but also customs and traditions are still in use in Alta Badia. Festive days, processions and other celebrations are still performed in the original way and the fascination and spell of ancient times is still in the air…

As the population is rather Catholic, most Ladin traditions are connected with Christian feast days. However, several customs are not practiced any more and simply fell into obscurity.

Typical for Val Badia are also the traditional costumes, which are worn on special occasions, for example processions and weddings. Below you can find a selection of customs:

“Donacia” or “Poscignara”
On January 6, young women in Alta Badia use to dress up as “Poscignara”, which is a beasty, old and wrinkled woman. These girls trek from house to house in order to cast out evil spirits. On their backs they carry a huge basket for picking up naughty children.

“La granara de saresc”
On Palm Sunday, children take their huge branches of willow catkins to church, where these branches are blessed by the priest. Afterwards they are fixed at the garden fence. This protects you from evil.

Festa de Santa Maria dal Ciüf
One of the most beautiful feast days of the year is “Festa de Santa Maria dal Ciüf”, which means Blessed Mary with flower. This is the day when famers bring a basket filled with herbs, flour, salt and flowers to church, where the priest blesses this basket, which is kept at home and burned in case of thunder-storms.

“Tò la nöcia” or “rubè la nöcia”
“Stealing the bride” is a custom, which is not only performed in Alta Badia. Friends of the bridal couple “kidnap” the bride during the wedding celebration and take her to a nice rastaurant where they celebrate and dance. When the bridegroom realizes that his wive has been “stolen”, he sends the bridesman to bring her back. In the meantime the bridegroom stays with the other guests and waits. The bridesman has to pay the drinks of those who “kidnapped” the bride and bring her back to her husband.

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