Noza da paur

This event revives traditional wedding customs of Val Badia

If you would like to see a faremers’ wedding, how it has been celebrated in ancient times, you just have to come to San Leonardo. On a regular basis people in Alta Badia organise a wedding in the original style. Traditional wedding customs from mountain villages come to light.

You can admire traditional costumes and take part in a parade with horses and see a typical wedding meal, which takes place in the pavilion of San Leonardo.

This event is the golden opportunity to get to know wedding traditions in Val Badia. On the way of the bridal couple to church, there are usually several obstacles they have to overcome. Friends and relatives often perform a little theatre, in which scenes of the bridal couples lives are performed. The bridesman, after having payed a certain sum of money, clears the way.

However, during the wedding meal goats are brought to the bridal couple. Brothers and sisters of the couple who are not yet married have to buy these goats…

Come to see the “Noza da paur” and learn more about wedding traditions in Alta Badia!

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