Museums and exhibitions

The history of Ladin population and their customs and traditions are exhibited in the Val Badia museum!

Those who seek unspoilt nature sports and wellness in their holidays, are at the right place in Alta Badia! Hardly no other valley has got so much culture to offer! The population of Val Badia has got much to tell…

Of course their story and much more is told in different museums of the valley!

  1. Snow Sculpture Festival

    Snow Sculpture Festival

    Artists create fascinating pieces of art out of snow and ice
  2. Ladin museum “Ciastel de Tor”

    Ladin museum "Ciastel de Tor"

    Located in San Martino in Badia, this museum is dedicated to the history of Ladin…
  3. Museum Ladin Ursus ladinicus

    Museum Ladin Ursus ladinicus

    In the museum of San Cassiano you can see bear skeletons of the Conturines caves
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