Avalanche and snow conditions

The Hydrographic Office of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano offers in winter detailed avalanche and snow conditions.

If you love winter sports, information about snow and avalanche situation are crucial before you start your adventure! This is the link to the current data:

Avalanche and snow bulletin (German language)
Avalanche and snow bulletin (Italian language)

Moreover the office also offers the following services:

* Self-Fax: if you would like to get the current avalanche bulletin, dial +39 0471 270555 or +39 0471 271177 from a fax machine.
* Telephone: call +39 0471 270555 or +39 0471 271177 to be informed about the current situation regarding avalanches.
* App “Weather in South Tyrol”: the weather conditions - with snow and avalanche bulletin in winter - are also available as a free app (”Wetter Südtirol”, in German - “Meteo Alto Adige”, in Italian) for IOS and Android (updated every 10 minutes).

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