Brigata Tridentina route

The Brigata Tridentina route is one of the most famous and popular fixed rope routes in the Dolomites

Starting point for this tour is the parking lot (1,956 m asl) at the gravel pit, about two km below Passo Gardena, towards Corvara/Colfosco. The walk to the starting point of the fixed rope route is very short and only takes a few minutes. Just follow the signpostings.

The first part of the “Via ferrata Brigata Tridentina”, also called “Via Ferrata Pisciadù”, immediately starts with a long but easy ladder section, leading up a steep rock face. After a short walk through dwarf pine you reach the next climbing section, leading you by the oh-so lovely Pisciadù waterfalls.

If you suffer from vertigo, you won’t enjoy the next section, a large and exposed traverse. However, there is an exit place. After the traverse you have to scale a long series of pegs and handholds, afterwards you find yourself in a chinmey with more pegs.

The highlight, however, is located at the end of the rope route: a little shaky suspension bridge, which is of course also a very popular photo motiv. Once overcome this bridge, a 10 minutes’ walk is left, until reaching the Rifugio Pisciadù (2,583 m), where you deserve a refreshment.

For your way down you can for example choose the trip down into the Val Mezdì, which is quite easy, but long. Another possibility is the path n° 666 via Val Setus, which is rather steep and sometimes covered by snow fields.

Due to the beauty of the Sella mountain range, the short walk to the beginning of the rope route as well as the suspension bridge at the end of the tour, this fixed rope route is extremely popular and of course this means that it is always very busy. If you can, avoid doing this tour at the weekends and start very early in the morning.

Difficulty: difficult
Drop: 600 m
Time: Way up about 2.5 h, way down about 1.5 h
Map: Gruppo Sella-Marmolada
Note: very busy in peak season; highlight suspension bridge; tour can be continued to Cima Pisciadù

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