Climate in Alta Badia

Snow-capped mountains, spring awakening, alpine meadows covered by a sea of flowers and golden larch trees, Alta Badia is a charming place the whole year round.

In March the temperatures start rising, the sun rays are more intense, but the ski slopes are still well-groomed and perfectly skiable. Until Easter the skiing season normally keeps running, towards the beginning/mid April the skiing areas close. In the Dolomites the snow starts melting, the first heralds of spring sprout, e.g. on the Armentara meadows, a real eye candy. The temperatures are relatively mild, nevertheless freshly alpine.

In June summer finds its way into Alta Badia, the temperatures start rising and often draw nearer to the 30 degree mark. For hikes in higher realms and mountaineering, nevertheless we recommend you warm clothes, as the air might be rather fresh even if the weather is fine. Also in the evenings, when strolling across the villages, we recommend you to take a long-leaved thin sweater, considering that you are in the mountains. Nevertheless, mild summer nights are guaranteed.

Towards the end of September/October, autumn starts in Alta Badia and starts colouring the landscape. The larch forests turn golden in fall, a great experience when hiking in Alta Badia. Often also the first snow flakes fall in late autumn. Snow-capped mountains in contradistinction to the colours in the valley, a great photo motif. However, of course in fall there are also grey and rainy days, which are ideal for a retreat in one of the spas of Alta Badia, admiring the mountains from the sauna window.

Normally winter in Alta Badia starts around the beginning of December, but sometimes already in autumn, the first snow-flakes fall. At the beginning of the ski season, around the beginning of December, you can already experience skiing on natural snow. The temperatures drop under zero degrees, during the day they rise. The snow-capped mountains and the fairytale winter landscape are ideal for a series of activities and are also a feast for the eyes.