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  1. Hotel Miramonti: Mountainbiker are you ready?

    Mountainbiker are you ready?

    Discover the Dolomites with your bike and enjoy with the bike guide that conduct you to the nicest places the beauty of our mountains.

    from  06/14/19  to  09/22/19

    4 nights from 297 € per person

  2. Hotel Miramonti: "Summer for kids"

    "Summer for kids"

    Family summer Holiday bargains

    from  06/15/19  to  09/22/19

    7 nights from 462 € per person

  3. Hotel Miramonti: Relaxing days in the Dolomites

    Relaxing days in the Dolomites

    Enjoy some days in the Dolomites enterprising some walks and excursions among the most beautiful peaks in the world. Relax and recharge in our nature.

    from  06/14/19  to  09/15/19

    7 nights from 335 € per person

  4. Hotel Miramonti: Discover the Dolomites

    Discover the Dolomites

    Enjoy and discover the Dolomites in freedom...

    from  06/14/19  to  09/15/19

    7 nights from 440 € per person

  5. Hotel Miramonti: Discovering the Dolomites by trekking

    Discovering the Dolomites by trekking

    Every day on another peak and in the evening return tired but happy in the Miramonti. This is your holiday in the Dolomites. Guides with experience will come with you.

    from  06/15/19  to  09/15/19

    7 nights from 481 € per person

  6. Hotel Miramonti: With the E-bike in the Dolomites

    With the E-bike in the Dolomites

    Enjoy to climb the Dolomites with an E-bike

    from  06/29/19  to  09/15/19

    5 nights from 365 € per person

  7. Ciasa Lisüra: Super offer

    Super offer

    A beautiful studio apartment for Two-three -4 person

    from  07/25/19  to  08/03/19

    5 nights from 200 € per person

  8. Hotel Miramonti: The trekking week

    The trekking week

    Enjoy the clear september days by walking in the Dolomites with our own guide....

    from  09/08/19  to  09/15/19

    7 nights from 485 € per person

  9. Hotel Miramonti: The first snow

    The first snow

    4 = 3 ! One day gratis for a stay of min. 4 days

    from  12/05/19  to  12/21/19

    4 nights from 234 € per person

  10. Hotel Miramonti: Christmas in the Dolomites

    Christmas in the Dolomites

    Our present to you: 24.12. Christmas celebration with little Christmas surprise and 25.12. special chiristmas dinner.

    from  12/21/19  to  12/26/19

    1 night from 415 € per person

  11. Hotel Miramonti: Promotion Super sun

    Promotion Super sun

    One day at the snow gratis for a stay of min. one week: 7 = 6 ! The promotion is not cumulative with other offers.

    from  03/21/20  to  04/04/20

    7 nights from 432 € per person