A total of five facilities - one of them covered - in five different villages of the Alta Badia are available for tennis players.

Tennis, in the past an elitist activity, is nowadays one of the most popular and widespread mass sports… and - of course - also possible during a stay in the beautiful Alta Badia. A total of five tennis courts can be found in the valley - you can also take tennis lessons with a professional instructor. Here’s the list:

* Corvara tennis hall
2 indoor courts with plastic granules
1 outdoor court with red sand
Str. Burjé, Corvara
phone: +39 0471 836474

* Romantik Art Hotel Cappella
1 outdoor court with red sand
Str. Pecëi 17, Colfosco
phone: +39 0471 836183

* La Villa sports area
2 outdoor courts with red sand
1 outdoor court on artificial turf
Str. Planmurin, La Villa
phone: +39 347 3185536

* Hotel Gran Paradiso
1 outdoor court with red sand
Str. Prè de Vi 11, San Cassiano
phone: +39 0471 849424

* Badia sports area
Str. San Linert, Badia
phone: +39 339 3580788

Also in winter you can play tennis: two plastic granules courts are accessible in the indoor Corvara tennis hall also during the cold months of the year.

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