Slittada da paur

This traditional horse-drawn sleigh race takes place on Carnival Sunday

This event has been initiated several years ago by farmers from the valley and since then it has been casting a spell over a large number of people who attended this event. The “slittada da paur” is a horse-drawn sleigh parade, in which farmers participate in traditional costumes.

This event originates from the custom of farmers to meet on Carnival Sunday in order to hold a sleigh ride. Of course this was also a good occasion for farmers to meet with others and to have a chat.

Horse-drawn sleighs have got a long tradition in Alta Badia. The construction of these sleighs has always been a proper art. Once sleighs were the most important means of transportation in the valley. Not only hay was transported, but people also used the sleighs to reach the Holy Mass on Sundays. Of course every family was very proud of their sleigh and each wanted to have the most beautifully decorated.

In the event “slittada da paur”, which is held every year in winter, you have the possibility to get to know more about farmers in Alta Badia and traditions of the valley. Watch the farmers in their decorated slighs, when they rustle across the winter wonderland of Alta Badia. Of course you can also taste traditional delicacies of the Alta Badia cuisine!

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