Fanes Group

This mountain group and the eponymous highland in the northwestern Dolomites are subject of numerous legends.

The Fanes Group is a mountain range in the northwestern Dolomites, named after the central located Fanes Alp which is the scene of the Ladin legends around the Kingdom of Fanes. The central figure of this epic is the princess Dolasilla. Several cozy mountain huts invite to stop such as the Rif. Fanes, the famous Rif. Santa Croce in Badia (Holy Cross) and the Rif. Scotoni mountain huts. The 3,064 m high Piz Cunturines, however, represents the highest peak of the Fanes Group.

In geographical terms, it is located east of the Val Badia valley, e.g. on the municipal territories of Badia and Corvara in the Alta Badia. The Val di Rudo (a side valley) forms the northeastern border to the Braies Dolomites, the Cortina-Falzarego-Livinallongo-Arabba-Campolongo line marks its southern border. The biggest part of the mountain range is protected in the Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Park. By the way: the Fanes Group is considered a real highlight among ski tourers.

Highest mountain: Mt. Piz Cunturines (3,064 m a.s.l.)
Further important peaks: Mt. Piz Lavarela (3,055 m a.s.l.), Mt. Sasso delle Dieci (3,026 m a.s.l.), Fanis Peak (southern peak: 2,980 m a.s.l., northern peak: 2,969 m a.s.l.), Mt. Cima Nove (2,967 m a.s.l.), Mt. Sasso di Santa Croce (2,907 m a.s.l.), Mt. Lagazuoi (2,835 m a.s.l.)
Territory: South Tyrol, Belluno

  1. Piz Cunturines

    Piz Cunturines

    The 3,064 m high Mt. Piz dles Cunturines (in Ladin language), or Conturines Peak,…
  2. Piz Lavarela

    Piz Lavarela

    The 3,055 m high Mt. Piz Lavarela is separated from the neighbouring Piz Cunturines…
  3. Sasso di Santa Croce

    Sasso di Santa Croce

    The 2,907 m high Sas dla Crusc (in Ladin language) gives the eponymous mountain…
  4. Lagazuoi


    The Big and the Small Lagazuoi constitute an almost 3,000 m high mountain massif…
  5. Fanis Peaks

    Fanis Peaks

    The Cime Fanis in the Fanes Group consist of the Southern, the Northern and the…

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