Gruppo Sella

The Gruppo Sella is a striking alpenstock surrounded by four famous Dolomite passes

The Gruppo Sella is a mountain plateau in the Dolomites which is surrounded by the alpine passes Sella, Gardena, Campolongo and Pordoi. The highest peak of the Gruppo Sella is Piz Boè (3,152 m) and it is very popular due to its easy ascent. Other famous peaks of the mountain plateau are the Cima Pisciadù (2,985 m) and the Piz da Lec (2,910 m).

The Sella towers, located near Sella pass in the western part of the Gruppo Sella, are a particular challenge for all climbers. Moreover the Alta Via n° 1 of the Dolomites snakes its way throughout this mountain range. Numerous refuges will warmly welcome you after an exhausting hike, some of which are the Pisciadù refuge, Maria e Capanna Fassa refuge.

If you would like to move round Gruppo Sella, you have got are several possibilities. You can for example cruise along the road that takes round the Gruppo Sella by car or motorcycle. This panoramic raod is considered to be one of the most beautiful roads in the Alps, or take the challenge to go round the alpenstock by bike. This is also the 55 km long route along which the famous bike race Maratona dles Dolomites is staged. However, another possibility is to ski round Gruppo Sella in winter on the slopes of the famous Sella Ronda.

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