From Picedac to the Antersasc hut

Walking from the farmsteads on the western side of La Val to reach the heart of the pure and uncontaminated Antersasc valley, immersed in the natural Park Puez - Odle.

Our starting point today is in Val Badia, at the farmsteads in Picedac. From here we follow the path nr. 8 southwards on an asphalt road at first, but it becomes a forest path after the houses in Aiarëi up to the path nr. 6A, which leads us to Pescol. We enjoy our walk through the wood and meadows of this nice rural location.

On the Juvel gap we walk up gently towards Antersasc. Near to the top we start walking up a steep path to reach the valley between the Odle ridge and the Gardenaccia plateau. In these last part the valley becomes very narrow as well as the path we are following. At the end of the path we reach a large glade covered by grass and surrounded by the majestic Dolomites. We are now at the Antersascs hut which is an old refuge and a protection for the pasture of the sheep.
That is the starting point for many paths towards the Croda dei Toni and to the Puez hut.

We decide to return to Picedac because we have three hours to walk for the return, but the natural landscape of this path is really wonderful.

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Please note: when you plan to do this hike, please inform yourself about the condition of the trail!

Starting point: Picedac near La Val
Signposts: 8, 6A, 6
Walking time: about 3 hours and 20 min (way up) 2hours and 50 min (way down).
Trail legth: about 10 km (each way)
Altitude difference: 820 m walking up, 220 m walking down
Altitide: from 1.470 to 2.085 m a.s.l.
Experienced in: August 2011

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