A hike from San Leonardo to the little church of Santa Croce

Walking from Badia through Oies and Castalta to reach the famous sanctuary of Santa Croce at the foot of the Sasso Santa Croce - it is a perfect spring hike.

The church Santa Croce, or the Crusc as the natives are used to call it, is just one of the wonderful and suggestive places in the Dolomites. The sanctuary stands above the valley, but it seems to be tiny if we compare it to the majestic Dolomites in the background.

Our starting point is in Badia in the village San Leonardo. We follow the signpost nr. 13A until Oies, where San Josef Freinademetz was born. Walking through the wood we walk up a narrow path to reach the farmsteads in Castalta, which are surrounded by a wonderful alpine landscape with green meadows. In June it becomes a great explosion of colours and fragrances.

After the refreshment area, we go on and we arrive at the border of the wood and we reach our target, the church Santa Croce and the old poor people’s home. Here we have a rest cuddled by the pleasant temperature. This church is a very well-known destination among the pilgrims.

We follow now the path nr 7 towards the chairlift which will take us back to San Leonardo, our starting point. It is a very suggestive hike through a wonderful natural landscape.

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Please note: when you plan to do this hike, please inform yourself about the condition of the trail.

Starting point: Badia (San Leonardo)
Signposts: 13A, 13, 7
Walking time: about 2h 45 min
Trail legth: about 7 km (total)
Altidute difference: 720 m way up, 230 m way down
Altitude: from 1.370 to 2.025 m a.s.l.
Experienced in: June 2012

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